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I make viral videos

My videos have over 100 million views


Brands I've Worked with

I run Karen X, a creative agency that makes highly shareable commercials and viral videos. We work with brands and tech startups.

I provided the creative direction for the Beats by Dre global holiday campaign, a TV spot that premiered on the Thanksgiving Day football game. I've appeared in viral videos with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, and Nicki Minaj.

When I'm not making videos for clients, I make them for fun. I learned to dance in a year, tilted the Streets of San Francisco, and created a new selfie trend.

How do you make a viral video?

Here are my 10 tips. Watch the 5 minute version. Or if you feel like geeking out, the 30 minute version.

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Beats by Dre

It started with my video Donut Selfie, a technique for taking a new type of selfie. Beats by Dre hired me and used it as inspiration for the biggest campaign they'd ever done, promoting the Solo headphones and the newly released iPhone 6. The 60-second spot premiered on the Thanksgiving Day football game and features Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj... and me!

My team makes product videos designed to get people to share. Our video for Laforge augmented-reality glasses went viral, with over 6 million views.

Cinematography examples: Fashion | Stop Motion | Education | Corporate

If you'd like us to create your video, let's talk.

After we film your video, we make sure it's seen by the right influencers and reporters. Most clients request between 250,000 - 1 million views, depending on budget. We handle the marketing, PR, and distribution.

Here are my 10 tips to make a video go viral. Watch the 5 minute version. Or if you feel like geeking out, the 30 minute version.

Viral Videos

I filmed myself learning to dance over the course of a year. The video went viral, with 5 million views. I got to go on the Queen Latifah Show and have spoken and danced at conferences like Google I/O, TedX, and Ignite.

Tilting the Streets of San Francisco

Buzzfeed calls it "a new way to take photos that look like magic." By tilting the camera on San Francisco's steepest streets, the people and houses all look tilted. The video went viral and the effect was even re-created on a Japanese game show. Zooey Deschanel called it the "coolest optical illusion on the Internet".

I took a 360 camera all around San Francisco and turned it into an adorable Tiny Planet, in a video with over 2 million views. Once you have the right equipment, the effect is surprisingly easy to make - check out my Tiny Planet tutorial.


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Karen X. Cheng

Popular topics include: How to Make a Viral Video, creativity, changing careers, and my Girl Learns to Dance in a Year video. I've spoken at Google I/O, Stanford, TedX, and many others.

To book me, contact me at hi [at] karenx [dot] com.

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