Behind the Design: Exec Bus Ads

For the last few months I’ve been busy designing stuff for the startup I joined, Exec. I was really excited to get to design some ads that are now running around town on the MUNI busses. Here they are:

The team and I had a bunch ideas that didn’t make it. Which are your favorites? Do you think we picked the right ones to run?


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  • ” What would you rather be doing right now? Do that Instead”

    I liked this one in particular even though I didn’t make it because It is centered around the value of time. This caption also provides a subtle assurance that Exec would take care of this errand (what ever it might be) and therefore projecting a sense of trust.

    All the other captions are also equally good with a sense of witness to it.


  • Love these! Especially “Errands done at the speed of BOOM.” Of the sketches, I really liked ” What would you rather be doing right now? Do that Instead” and “…Exec will help you move a body. Just Kidding. Exec.” Little risqué, which I guess is why it didn’t run, but to me that’s what makes it awesome and memorable. I would 100% go home and look up Exec after seeing that ad.

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